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Stoked LA is a woman owned small business that is focused on stylized loungewear clothing with the priority of bringing fashion to comfort. Being comfortable in your clothing does not mean you have to sacrifice your individual style. Stoked LA allows and encourages consumers to feel their best, in both ways. 

Stoked LA is responsible for the design, production, management, and marketing of the hoodies and sweatpants while having involvement in photoshoots, runways, fashion weeks, and more.

Position Descriptions

Social Media Marketing Internship Position Summary 

The Social Media Marketing Intern involves creating compelling content, managing Instagram and TikTok accounts, engaging with ambassadors, and ensuring a consistent online brand presence that resonates with our audience.

Social Media Responsibilities May Include:

Develop and execute social media content strategies aligned with brand identity and marketing objectives - Create engaging and visually appealing content for Instagram and TikTok, including posts, stories, reels, and TikTok videos - Engage with ambassadors and influencers to foster relationships and coordinate content collaborations - Monitor social media channels, respond to comments, messages, and interact with the community to increase engagement - Analyze performance metrics and use insights to optimize content strategies for improved reach and engagement - Collaborate with the marketing team to ensure consistency across all brand communication channels

Event Manager Internship Position Summary:

The Event Manager role at Stoked LA is crucial in overseeing and participating in various events, including photoshoots, runways, and managing vendor booths for sales. This role involves scouting events, representing the brand, and ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for our audience. This position may also ask for assistance in social media, content production, and working with ambassadors.

Event Manager Responsibilities May Include:

Manage logistics for events, including scheduling, vendor coordination, booth setup, and post-event evaluations - Attend and oversee photoshoots, ensuring they align with brand aesthetics and objectives - Represent Stoked LA at runways, trade shows, and vendor booths, fostering connections and driving sales - Collaborate with internal teams to align event strategies with marketing goals and brand identity - Evaluate event performance and provide insights for future improvements - Coordinate with internal teams and external vendors, including videographers, photographers, and influencers, as needed.